Some things that inspire me

This is just some of the artists who inspire me with there work….

Simple and beautiful works by Camilla Engman that just make me smile…..

My Friends by camilla engman

I love that i can find works by Ghost Patrol hiding in alleys in the city, these are some i found when i was taking photos in the city a few months ago…

paste up by Ghost Patrolstencil by Ghost Patrol

I totally love Audrey Kawasaki s work, it is beautiful and feminine, erotic and strange and her use of the wood grain throughout the images gives then a soft natural feel that she continues with the soft colours.

Octo Girls by Audrey Kawasaki

I was in borders one day last year and came across a book, it jumped out at me from the table and although it was covered in plastic and only had a very brief discription I had to have it. It turned out to be the story of Florence Broadhurst. Florence designed beautiful bold wallpaper and had a totally facinating life story. Not long after I bought the book the Melbourne Design Festival had talks by the books author and by the director of a movie about Florences life “Unfolding Florence” which was about to come out… I was totally surrounded by Florence Broadhurst and I love it, I love the gold and silver foiled wallpapers, I love the bold asian inspired designs and the 60’s phycidelic swirls.

Florence Broadhurst BookFlorence Broadhurst

My friend Andrea Innocent does Awsome illustration inspired by her time in Japan.

Rat Daughter

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