The Princess is gone??????

This morning Im a little shattered…. I normally do my walk through campus enjoying all the different gardens ( ) I cross through to get to my office at Monash University ( I actually choose the carpark across campus so I can go through my favorite ones).  Im in love with the stunning flowering gums over the past few weeks and I love fossicking through the leaf litter beneath these wonderful native plants for the beautiful gum nuts and other seed pots and skeletal leaves but today I was totally horrified to see my favorite tree, a stunning silver princess weeping gum gone….. not just a plant in the ground but the whole garden bed, Im still reeling with the shock… This beautiful tree has been a continual source of inspiration over the past year that it is really quite sad to see it gone…. I collect its leaves and seed pods and have used them time and time again for artworks…. I hope that its has been transplanted somewhere new or in its place something else is planted and not just another horrible bit of concrete layed to cover the bare dirt… 😦

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