A different path

I have changed my morning routine… its a big thing for me as I love my coffee from my coffee guy and my table in the cafe and the walk through the pretty garden each day that I have done 5days a week  for the past year and a half but things do change… I am now attending ‘the Church of Secular Coffee’ which is a new cafe on campus by the guys at St Ali.south melbourne… its closer to my office and has a nice leafy outlook and great coffee.  I also have a new place to park which makes my getaway from campus so much easier…. but alas no pretty walk through my garden 😦   what I do get to see each day is the stunning banksia…


I have been inspired by then since my uni days and we have so many different ones its just wonderful… if you want to see the incredible variety of these stunning shrubs check out Celia Rossers incredible botanical illustrations documenting all 72 (I think) many of which you can see in the most random places across campus



I taking this change as a good thing and am excited to see what new creative idea emerge from it…

2 thoughts on “A different path

  1. Hi Kara, I just came across your post on Open Studios…thank you for your lovely words and for supporting local artists! I am intrigued to know who your favourite Danish designer is?
    kind regards
    lisa hass


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