Long overdue giveaway

So back mid year i promised  a giveaway relating to my artwork a day and it has taken me a while but here it is…  I have a 5×5″ print  of my June 15  piece to give to a randomly chosen person who comments and likes my post here or on facebook.  I will draw it on Friday at 7pm so you can have it by chrissy (sorry australian addresses only this time) 
Thanks guys for your support and encouragement throughout the year…


Gum Love

I LOVE gum trees… they are so varied and beautiful from the giant mountain ash in my beloved dandy ranges (the tallest straightest trees in the world) to the weaping silver gums… and I love the tree leaves the most.  Long and slender with subtle curves.  Did you know after a bush fire the leaves grow back almost round to keep the nutrition in a smaller area… clever gums….


How stunning is the colour of this one…

I cant just walk past a skip

I can never just walk past a skip without a rummage, I love them full of unwanted gold and all last week I watvhed the rubble build and today found my gold… a carpet off cut… I know what will I do with a little bit of industrial carpet? The colour and texture was great and I thpught of it as a background for my ever expanding window sill collection… what do you think?



Another awesome thing this week I got to do was photograph the organ at the Robert Blackwood Hall here at monash.. the brief was take abstracts… its was challenging lighting and colour casts but such a beautiful instrument…


Fall postcard exchange

Many years ago in my uni days I was part of a web forum all about art swapping in particular artist cards which are the size of a playing card and gave and revieved beautiful little artworks from around the globe in the early days before Facebook and even earlier than that I was in a pen pal club and had a french and Romanian pen pal so postal exchanges have always been a love of mine… in these days of the immediate its great to feel the anticipation you only get knowing the postie will soon bring you a tresure made just for you… currently im involved in the Fall postcard exchange with the Postcard Collective our exchange theme is ‘status update’ and I will send and recieve about 30 postcards on this theme over the next few months…. I am waiting to get mine back from the printer so I can send them on there way around the world…
So far I have received 11 so varied its hard to discribe… one thing that im loving is what happens to transform some of the works in the mailing process… One has gotten wet on the trip and the ink bled in a beautiful way another had some very severe postal.stamps on the front which added somthing amazing to the original work…. All great and I cant wait to see what else I get… who doesnt love actually getting physical mail….


Tradition and technology perfection

Im not a fan of borrowing technology (I had a very harrowing experience with my kids, a cup of tea and a mac air) but summoned all my strength to borrow an ipad so I could see the app … no it wasnt a camera or photo processing app it is a stunning artwork by www.carolgolemboski.com

Phychometry” is an interactive artist’s book that entices viewers to explore the haunting imagery of photographer Carol Golemboski. This dynamic iPad app uses new media to illuminate Golemboski’s psychologically charged photographic still lifes.


It is simply Divine…. I loved the artist process and her creative space. .. I also saw how technology can be used I  conjunction with traditional process in such a stunning way which fascinates me in my own artwork…. please have a look  its free at the moment. . https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id601540456?mt=8

Etherial “Light Warriors” of Joyce Tenneson

Unbelievably divine is all I can say about the works of Joyce Tenneson, how I wish I could see this show….

I remember back in my uni days being the model with pale white face and hair in tight knots wrapped in white fabric trying to do something that looked like this… ( thanks Jo it was always fun we will have to play again one day) I will have to dig out a shot to show you all…

The Wizards of OZ @ PIP (Pingyao) 2014

So Many exciting things happening at the moment I am showing some work as part of (PIP) Pingyao International Photography Festival in China….. SUPER CRAZY thanks to Jeff Moorfoot and BIFB to include me in “The Wizards of Oz”.  It looks incredible and I wish I could have gone… but will live vicariously through Vikk Shayen who is helping represent us in China…. Check out BIFB facebook for all the info…Rasmanis_Pingyao_02

Rasmanis_Pingyao_01  Rasmanis_Pingyao_03


Sliver princess

Monash uni has the most beautiful native Australian plants in there garden which always inspire me but lately its been the weeping gum, silver princess… she is in the terrible place next to an ugly brick building surrounded by cement but she is such a beauty in all her stages… with stunning pink blossoms and silvery bark I am alway in love with her…. her leaves beautiful drooping down and all the pods and bark she drops decay in the most stunning way that I find myself always collecting  ‘just 1 more’ gum nut…



I cant wait to make  some new work with my new collection, im looking at combining them with traditional Latvian embroidery pattens…


The pain when your passion is rejected….

I know I shouldn’t get upset when i don’t get selected for prizes but its really hard to not take it to heart…. Why was my work not good enough? Did i do something wrong on the application?

Is my work just not “hip” or “fashionable” at the moment (I know by even using the word ‘hip’ im totally not), I make what I love and feel passionate about and it seems to just not fit with the tortured photographic series of works about sex drugs and the mundane everyday or the ‘others’ in society. I feel if I just took photos of the alternative hills hippy family up the road in rough minimal colour id get more recognition because its whats in vogue…
‘sigh’ For some strange reason I held out such hope for getting selected for Critical Mass and with a $90 application fee its a big investment to get no return other than a book of the finalists that did get in to just rub it in….

Maybe if I work hard and long enough my work will come into vogue and be looked at with some worth, until then I will do it because i have to, its like breathing and I feel suffocated when I cant even get my ideas down into my visual diary….

I have been extra frustrated after going to Spring1882.  The Windsor hotel opened its rooms to some of the biggest galleries to showcase there top artists work in “non traditional’ spaces (I know it has been so done a zillion times before) and even with the strange and creepy ‘The Shining’ like hotel as a backdrop I found the work a joke….  It was a cliche of abstracts,, sculptures that needed so much explanation to show how amazing they are and yes the obligatory giant vagina statue oh and the love in couple in there pj’s Ala John and Yoko with guitar…. ARGHHHHHH …….
Spring 1883 spring 1883
I thing I did see on that same weekend was two ladies sketching and it made me so happy to see there creativity flow from pen to paper….drawing and coffee