Newtons Apple Tree

(Trying to redo this post that I lost a week ago)
Every morning I walk across the campus at work.   Monash uni has wonderful native australian landscaping thanks to some wonderful renegade geographers doing midnight raids and replacing the European trees with natives so many times it stuck (RIP Jim ).  I love seeing the flowering gums and walking through the lemon scented gardens.  I love the seeds and leaves that fall and the rough beauty never fails to amaze me.



But I do have a soft spot for a pretty cottage garden and one garden I have been incredibly inspired by over the years is the Kenneth Hunt Garden.  This garden has all the beauties, a huge heaving wisteria a good selection of roses and lavender, pretty daisy’s  and a continuously  flowering magnolia. Its centerpiece however is a little different it is an apple tree.  Thats nothing special I hear you say but this one has inspired geniuses.  The apple is a Kent and was planted in 1975 from the cutting from Newton very own tree that helped him formulate the theories motion and gravity…


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